What is a method statement?

Is a written document that demonstrates that all risks and hazards have been identified and evaluated. The statement explains in detail how work will be undertaken and all necessary control measures. Sometimes method statements require more information such as plant test certificates, COSHH assessments, training records and protective equipment. Method statement is called “safe system of work” under employer’s common law duty of care.


The main purpose in producing a method statement is to ensure that the personnel carrying out the task:

  • Carry out the work in a structured and controlled manner.
  • Understand the hazards and risks associated with each sequence of the work.
  • Use the controls specified to reduce the risk of injury, ill health or damage.
  • Carry out the work safely.


Method statements should address and include details of the task, a formal risk assessment, clear identifications of the task will be carried out, list of plants, details of any work permit that need to be implemented, control measures in place and list of identified hazards.


Method statements give a degree of commitment, show a plan of your work regarding health and safety management. Written document provide a clear record on how hazards and risks have been assessed without forgetting or misunderstanding by all the involved parties.

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