What is a COSHH assessment?


This process involves identifying hazardous substances in the workplace and then assessing substance based on its associated health and how employees are exposed. In some cases, considerations are given to possible environmental impact, accidental spills and how to dispose of any substances. The purpose is also to provide a clear, concise and readily available in event an individual and/or group of employees who need first aid.


The assessment consists of:

  • Gathering information about the substances, the work and the working practices (or finding out what the problems are).
  • Evaluating the risks to health (or looking at the problems that are found).
  • Deciding on the necessary measures to comply with regulations.
  • Recording the assessment.
  • When the assessment needs to be reviewed.


Strict adherence to the COSHH regulations will provide the following benefits to both employers and employees:

  • Better understanding of Health and Safety statutory requirements.
  • Improved productivity due to lower levels of ill-health and more effective use of material.
  • Improved employee morale.
  • Lower numbers of civil court claims.

At Sentry, we have developed a system platform where you can create, manage and edit your documents. Furthermore, our system will automatically email you when your documents  are due to expire, keeping you compliant.

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