How to write a risk assessment

What is a risk assessment?

Risk assessment is a logical examination of a task or activity in order to identify all significant hazards, persons might be harmed, evaluate the level of risks and existing control measure, introduce new remedial controls by following the “hierarchy of control” where possible, record the findings and review the assessment.

What is a hazard? A hazard is anything that could potentially may cause harm.

What is a Risk? Is a likelihood of the hazard will cause harm and it’s severity.

Who is at Risk?  may be harmed are operatives, contractors, members of public, maintenance team, visitors, migrant workers, workers with disability, young workers, expectant mothers. Young workers and expectant mothers require certain considerations that need to be made.

Every employer must undertake an assessment of the risks to health and safety of their employees and others who may be affected by their undertakings. Employers with 5 or more employees should record all the significant findings of the assessment in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

How to assess the risks in your workplace

  1. Identify the potential hazards.
  2. Determine who might be harmed.
  3. Evaluate the risks and introduce control measures.
  4. Only record the findings.
  5. Review the assessment and update regularly.

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